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Calgon....take me away

The dirty Baja with Chris Miller. photo: Denslow

Baja Norte

Our Chris "El Cabrito" Miller, Murphy Shapes Special Agent, searched out this lava rock headland with a nice, long right pointbreak that broke into a sandy cove. With only one amigo tagging along with him, they had this spot to share with only one other father from La Jolla who was there with his three sons. Other than that, not a person around for miles in any direction. Orale.

Baja Norte Grande

I stopped by a friend's studio in Cardiff last week to check the surf and grab a bite to eat. I saw my friend, and occasional Murphy test pilot, Erik Baldwin's truck out front. No one answered the door. Me: "maybe he is surfing the Reef?. Nah...he wouldn't do that - plus it looks stormy." So, then I called him. No answer. Then I texted him.
Me: "Where the heck are you?"
Erik: "I'm in Baja...just nabbed 5 biggest rights in my life!!".
He was out there with Mike Parsons and a whole crew of pros and hard cores.
Hats off to you Erik. Here's a shot of an unidentified charger that glorious day.
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