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Calgon....take me away

The dirty Baja with Chris Miller. photo: Denslow

Vanilla Shake

New, 7'-10" custom for Chris Miller of Murphy Surfboards. Nice rocker profile and 2 + 1 fin set-up with small, Bahne fiberglass side bites and a 7" Fins Unlimited flex fin. Dennis calls it a "Thin M" inspired egg-type glider that rips.

Baja Norte

Our Chris "El Cabrito" Miller, Murphy Shapes Special Agent, searched out this lava rock headland with a nice, long right pointbreak that broke into a sandy cove. With only one amigo tagging along with him, they had this spot to share with only one other father from La Jolla who was there with his three sons. Other than that, not a person around for miles in any direction. Orale.

Small Wave Cruiser

New 9'-6" Predator model for Chris Miller. Box Single-fin, 6oz./5oz. glass with gloss and polish finish. T-band stringer for added cool. 17-3/4" x 22-7/8" x 14-3/4" x 3" thick. Great board for small summer waves or small Wintertime point cruising.

Winter in Mainland

A few of the Murphy Shapes extended family members (Chris "Cabrito" Miller, Jeff "Yeff" Werbelow and Tony "Tortuga" Kendall) returned from a recent trip south of the border - where they got some fun point break and beach break. Water temp 79. Air 85.

New 9'-0"

9'performance-style longboard for team rider Chris Miller, Special Agent. 17-3/4" x 22-1/4" x 14"...sanded finish....yellow pinline......2+1 fin set-up with FCS side bites and a Fins Unlimited 7" Dale Dobson fin. Speed Kills.

Same Time Last Year

Not much to report on the wave front here. Made me think about my trip last year to Fiji. Here's a couple of shots of rides I remember clearly. Seems like it was eons ago. If you should ever have a chance to visit this island chain - do it. Ideal setting, crystal clear water, good fun and great people and culture. CM~

Murphy 7'-6" thruster going right.

Murphy 9'-0" going left......forever and ever...........

Eight Seven.Five

New board for Murphy rider Chris Miller a.k.a Special Agent.
He could't quite decide on a 8'-6" or 8'-9", so I made him a 8'-7.5"! 2 11/16" thick. Performance longboard which incorporates the diamond tail - similar to the one I use on the Regulator model. Should fly like a banshee. dm


Mush Buster

If this board was yellow, it would have been dubbed the Chunky Monkey.
But it's not: So it's moniker is The Leucadia Mush Buster.
Shaped for Chris Miller of San Diego, it's a new 7'-5" squash tail w/FCS. A tad thicker, with a wide tail, we put some nice vee in the tail and she scoots along very nicely. Works well in chest to head-high southern California reefs.

Oh Canada

Hockey and Surfing........ what's the connection? I never thought about it until this summer. Hockey players glide and skate across frozen H2O and we glide on moving H2O. Water....... and the ability to balance on it.
The Canadians invaded San Diego recently. The Roy brothers from Calgary spent a few weeks down in San Diego learning how to surf under the tutelage of Murphy Surfboards happy ambassador Chris Miller. Either surfing at one of the Del Mar reefs, or getting pounded at Torrey Pines, they left San Diego stoked and knowing how to surf.

Chris Miller on his Comp./Baron
Andre Roy on his Enzo Egg.
Pierre Roy on the Regulator.
The Calgary Flames: The new official NHL team of Murphy Surfboards. Don't'cha know...


Viti Levu

South Seas Paradise........ Chris Miller has recently returned from yet another jaunt to the Southern Hemisphere and the Fijian Islands. While recovering from jet lag and societal shock, he was able to send us a few photos. He promises to send more upon his full recovery.

Real weather, real rain and really nice.

Isou Ishihara's property........Zen........... and there's a right out front!

Isou in his front yard. Humble local at home....

Chris Miller Enjoying his Murphy 9.0

Photo by David Gray
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