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Dylan's New Log

9'7": 17" x 23-1/2"mid x 16-1/4". Hi density foam t-block 1-1/2" balsa x 1/8"darkwood x 1-1/2" balsa. Long and narrow nose con with bottom rails rolled up 3/8" each side; rolled vee and topped off with resin panels by moi! DMurphy

Goin Big

Nice new 9'-8" custom log for Jason from Carlsbad. Look for him gliding by you at one of the Leucadia reefs or Ponto peaks. Longtime loyal customer - he has been riding Dennis' boards for over 20 years! Thanks Jason.

Gun Control

Note from Japers: San Diego, December 7th: Here is a shot from today, breaking in my 9'2" LONGGUN shaped by Dennis Murphy and wetsuit from MATUSE thanks you guys for your support!

Custom 9'-0"

Custom 9'-0" Roundpin longboard for Adam: custom airbrush fade, 6 oz. glass, gloss and polish finish and 2+1 fin set-up with FCS side bites. This is Dennis' 15,744 board shaped!

North County Glide

Brothers Foster and friend with the family quiver of 10' and 9'-6"'s, classic single-fin longboards, destination Cardiff.
Lucas Foster doing his silky glide on the Big Yellow. photos: Dean Garrido

Winter Action

Dave Sams representing in Santa Cruz on his custom Murphy 9'-0".

Southwind model

Here's a look at JP's new Winter board. It's a 9'-0" Southwind model dubbed the "Seadragon". The Southwind model is a great board choice for those who predominately ride longboards in smaller waves, but need to transition to a more performance oriented longer board for those bigger days - especially those bigger NorthWest swells we have this time of year. Check one out - you won't be disappointed!

Small Wave Cruiser

New 9'-6" Predator model for Chris Miller. Box Single-fin, 6oz./5oz. glass with gloss and polish finish. T-band stringer for added cool. 17-3/4" x 22-7/8" x 14-3/4" x 3" thick. Great board for small summer waves or small Wintertime point cruising.

50th Anniversary: WindanSea Surf Club

The WindanSea Surf Club is celebrating their 5oth anniversary and commissioned a custom memorial longboard for this special occasion. This beauty is a 9'-6" cruiser modeled after some of Bear Mirandon's work from the 1960's. 16-1/4" x 22" x 12-3/4" loaded with Volan, custom stringers and a Bear inspired glass-on single fin. Thanks Bear! This baby may wind up in the California Surf Museum in Oceanside or may end up in one very lucky surfers hands.

The Pink Pig

starring JP. photos: Lance Smith

Drain Ooooooooooooooh

The Green Hornet and action: recently shaped by Dennis, this 9' single-winged hybrid thruster getting slotted a few days ago here in SD. photo: Wylie

Brookers New Log

Our friend Mikey Brooker seen here with his new 9'-6" custom log. Comp band, multi-stringer, volan treatments and large-kelp-cuttin-glassed-in fin. Yeeeee-haw!
The Man - The Myth

New Predator

Andrew Smith of Surfboard Tracker - SBT - the new micro chip technology for hand crafted surfboards - here with his new 9'-2" Murphy Predator model. Green tint with volan inlay/patches. 2+1 fin set-up. A great all around model that he will be taking back to his native Wales, UK. Ask for SBT in your next custom Murphy!

Lucas Loggin

Young team rider Lucas Foster having some summer fun in Encinitas. On his single-fin log, sunny, glassy and fun. photos: Pierce M Kavanagh

New 9'-0"

9'performance-style longboard for team rider Chris Miller, Special Agent. 17-3/4" x 22-1/4" x 14"...sanded finish....yellow pinline......2+1 fin set-up with FCS side bites and a Fins Unlimited 7" Dale Dobson fin. Speed Kills.

Murphy In the Maldives

Andrew, Mr. SBT - Surfboard Tracker, took his new Murphy longboard to the Maldives with his Welsh mates. Here he is at Sultans. Look at that water!

Steaming At the Lane

Our NoCal friend Dave Samms on his Murphy 9-0 Van Halen/DubZero model @Steamer Lane

Leucadia Boys Get New Toys

A couple of our Leucadian posse ordered up some new boards.
Corey Messer with his new 9'-2".

Rodney "Rodrigo" and his new 8'-10".

They both designed their own artwork on these boards and rumor has it that both of these boards work unreal.

Orange Bang!

Nice and summery, this orange-flash, Comp-style was delivered to Nova Scotia (i think).

Cal Classic 10'

New 10' California Classic shaped for Doug Wilson of San Diego.
The guys at Diamond Glassing were all talking about this one - and I may have even spotted some drool. Gorgeous blue tint with white pin lines and white lamis.

Spray me

Many of our team riders have unique surfing styles and are unique in so many other ways. Style, music, clothes, colors, lifestyle etc. That's what makes our wave riding pursuit so great. You can express your individuality in many ways. You can create what ever kind of board you want to ride, ride it the way you want to, and make it any color you want. Logos, no logos, spray, tint, multi-stringers, pin lines, volan, acidy.......the list goes on and on.
Here's Mr. One-of-a-Kind with his new 9'-10". Don't stare too long and the mini squares: or you'll go koo-koo.


Couple of shots of our friend, Tony Kendall, of the North County Murphy clan.
I met Tony in the water awhile back and he was asking questions about my boards.
We hooked him up with Dennis - and he's know talking about his 3rd custom. Sounds like he likes his first 2 boards (9'-2" and a 9'-8" "Big Red")! He moved here from Hawaii, really has the (over-used phrase) "aloha" spirit, is in a Mission Bay paddling club and likes the catch lobsters in the dark. I think he is going to like it here.


Medium Wednesday

Our team gunner, JP Marengo, drawing some lines in San Diego 2 days ago.


I made this board for Jim "Spinnerboy" Cameron, a team rider for Pacific Beach Surf Shop in San Diego. It's a 9'-10" "Hipster" shaped especially for him.
19" nose x 23.5" wide x 15.5" tail, rounded pintail at about 3.25" thick.
It has a 1/2" deep concave and a 48" long, drawn-out-tear-drop. The T-band stringer is cedar/bass/cedar. And it has a unique Volan inlay. It's Nice!

Jen's New Board

This summer Andre Bukich and his lovely wife Jen came in to order a new Comp model for her. Notice the super-custom logos. That was the first time that I met her, but Andre and I are old friends from the glass-shop formerly known as PSG. It's always great to re-connect with my old surf buddies and likewise pleasing to see how they've grown in life. Andre is doing very well with his own business and family. Brodie is a future Murphy rider to be sure. Thanks Jen for finding our 'Boyshop' . He's a great guy!! Muchos Aloha, Dennis

I wanna ride Momma's board!

Fur real dawg?!

Hey, what are you doing?

Just hangin......

....ten in La Jolla
photo: Michael Barrus

Captain America

Dreams can take you in many directions - and sometimes they don't make any sense at all. But sometimes.....they do.

This is Jeff Werbelow. Owner of a new 9'-0" Murphy performance longboard.
He rode his buddies board, which is the same model, then literally had a dream that same night about the Red Baron model and Captain America. The dream was powerful my friends. He then hurried to the phone to order this new sled. Watch out villainous, over-zealous wave riders.
Specs: 9'-0" x 2-5/8" thick x 14" tail. 2+1 w/FCS. Sanded finish. Red Baron template.
Special thanks to Ed Lewis, Ed Lewis Design/The Leucadia Project, with colors and graphics.

New Red Baron model

New board made for team member Cabrito. Board # 15,297. Just had its maiden voyage in Mainland point break for 8 days of bliss. Nine foot Red Baron model. This board has lots of rocker and generous kick in the nose and the tail. More so than the average LB. This is not your Grampa Earl's longboard. 17.8" x 22.5" x 14" with 2+1 setup with FCS GX's and Cowboy Dan's redwood/balsa 7" fin.
Found this old ad from a 1998 Longboard Magazine section..."Dyno hybrid that noserides like a banshee, can turn on a dime and gets real vertical. Try it. You'll like it."
12 years later and it still holds true.
Glassed by our good compadres at Diamond Glassing with 5 oz. and a acrylic/scuff finish.

Seaweed Smuggler

Mr. Marengo enjoying some of the NW from this week. He looks like a caveman with the seaweed headress/cape. So easy a caveman can do it.

August 2010

This summer will certainly not go down as one of San Diego's finest. Cold water, minimal swell and a missing sun. However, there were a few ok to decent souths that crept in. Many spots here in SD missed the action, but if you were at the right spot - at the right time - there were a few good ones to be had. Here's one of our team riders reaping the benefits of local knowledge. Mr. JP Marengo leashless at a pile of rocks off the crown jewel.
photos: Lance Smith

Doug's Got The Fever

Doug and Dennis

Doug and Joe Roper (Joe helped him finish off the board)

Doug got a new board and he is a happy man. Doug met JP Marengo, one of the Murphy Shapes team riders, this past winter while surfing the reefs off LJ. They spoke and JP gave Doug some ideas and feedback on longboard design and then Doug ordered up a new 9'-0" Southwind model. Here it is in Doug's own words:
"J.P. was right. I love it. The board really likes the steep drops and handles them well. And the drive off the bottom turn is just a primo sensation right up through the feet and legs and into the chest. That carving line is sweet! And then it holds mid turn in the pocket when I turn it back downward. What a great ride! Thanks so much."

Chapped Lipz

Nice smackage of one La Jolla lip under the August sun. That's a lot of board poppin out the back of the wave while the fins are just holding in. I like what's going on in this photo. Jean-Paul punching the clock for the afternoon shift.
photo: Goulding

Final Chapter

Part two in a series of only two. Here's how JP's floater ended. I'm not sure if the barnz pony tail got in the way or if he was just it utter shock before blue impact. I will have to check with JP to see if there is an epilogue.


Floatersam and Jetsam

Here's a recent July sequence of Jean Paul in his backyard in La Jolla. Nice bottom turn into a floater/off-the-top. But wait........ who is this barney with the ponytail?!! Check back tomorrow for the final chapter and epilogue.

photos: John Slavin

Mayhem Meets Roadkill

Check out the new long board of Dave Sams. Besides being a former team rider for Murphy and Iron Cross, this long time resident of Santa Cruz is also the Art Director for I Tunes. He ordered 2 boards with his signature art work and laminates.
"Mayhem Meets Roadkill". Here is his Everyman's Squash nine-footer for performing in waves 6' and over.


Dennis' friend Doctor Ross evidently was feeling a little under the weather and wrote a prescription for himself. He came into the Surf Pharmacy (sRx) and had Dennis fill his order.
Dose: Take it everyday for about 3 months.
Prognosis: He should be feeling much better very soon.

3 for 3

3 shots of 3 waves for a 3 day weekend.

Have a good weekend.

Back Lit in the Backyard

Photo: Goulding
Rider: J.P. Marengo

Tint n Swirls

A couple of shots of Jeff Werbelow's nine-oh. Jeff, a So Cal native, currently lives in Park City, Utah - after a nice, long stint in Haleiwa. His quiver is quite impressive - so we hope to get a photo and index soon.

Put It on Axis.....

is a favorite saying of a friend of ours when he is out in the water and hitting all his bottom turns and setting it on rail. Here's JP with his interpretation of putting it on axis.
photo: Goulding

Happy Customers

Ben from Oceanside just picked up his custom 9'-0" this past week. Once again, nice color work and pin lines from the boys at Diamond.

Eight Seven.Five

New board for Murphy rider Chris Miller a.k.a Special Agent.
He could't quite decide on a 8'-6" or 8'-9", so I made him a 8'-7.5"! 2 11/16" thick. Performance longboard which incorporates the diamond tail - similar to the one I use on the Regulator model. Should fly like a banshee. dm


High School Buddy

"I shaped this board for a old high school buddy of mine named Gary Austin. It's a 9'-2" RPTNR. Tom Curtis' pinwork rocks this design! The board is about 3" thick and 22.5" wide. Is it San Diego State colors or La Jolla High?! This one turned out bitchin." dm

What Are Friends For?!

If anyone wants to borrow your board, make sure that you are there with them at all times. This little blurb is the lead-in to a funny read..

Awhile back, a great customer/friend called to request my services to help him and a buddy out of a tight jam. When Mick told me that they borrowed a board and "kind-of destroyed it" I said "Sure we can handle that". He was lookin for a replication of a competitors piece of equipment. Normally I would offer to do the job and upgrade the board, but Mick and Co. were a bit nervous regarding the potential outcome. What they didn't say was that the board was virtually BRAND-NEW! That is if you consider a new board to have more dings and rips than an old log lost at high tide Dolphin Tanks with a ten foot Norther raging six foot white water on the boulders. The foam color was perfect though. I don't know how they managed to tear up this gorgeous stick, but indeed they pulled it off. The new replacement is very close to the original sans the nice blue tint [which is hard to color-match on repair] I was told that the owner doesn't surf much and probably wouldn't care too much about the color change. Right then it hit me; these guys might try to borrow the new one for a test-ride and if for any dings, they could probably fix it and the poor owner would never know! Wow, I'd have thought that they would have learned their lesson, but surfers love the challenge. My message on the stringer is to the new owner simply put "RIDE ME".... that doesn't mean everybody! Dennis out for now.


Where Was I Monday?

I was in the water in Leucadia - but evidently we should have been in LJ!
JP in his backyard. Scoring yet again......

Rocas y Pajaros y Juan Pablo

I always liked this shot the best of this particular day - but, I was over ruled by the local, pseudo, photo journalists lurking near the Murph studio. Well now, I say it's time for my favorite to get exposed.


Team Murphy: Cardiff Reef 02/2010 Photo: Lance Smith
Check out Lance's work at

New 9'-6"

Custom Rounded Pintail Noserider

Mariaelena's Murphy

Here's a custom 9'-0" Dennis shaped for his friend Mariaelena Thibodeaux.
Maria says: "I LOVE It!! Thanks D!"

Los Angeles Log

Here's a note from Eric up in L.A. Thanks for the input Eric!

Here are a couple pics of my Murphy 10'5". This was not a board
I ordered but was acquired through a trade. I couldn't be more
stoked to have this board. I like big, heavy boards and this one
certainly fits the bill. It has a 1" center stringer (almost certainly
red cedar) with two outboard 1/4" stringers and parallel pinlines.

The glassing feels like double 8oz top and a single 8oz bottom
and it has an expertly draped fin patch. The blank has to have
been a classic weight because, as they'd say in Hawaii, "dis
suckah is heavy." Nice shallow and relatively small concave
in the nose, belly through the mid and some V in the tail, so it
turns well. And it noseriders beautifully, especially in bigger
surf. I got it because I wanted a pintail specifically for larger
waves and because the weight cuts through the wind when its
howling offshore. The weight also provides a stable platform
for tipriding.

Dims are 18 1/2" x 23 1/2" x 15 3/4" x 3 1/2"+ thick. I don't
own calipers, so it's a guesstimate comparing other boards I
have, a couple of which are 4" thick.

Thanks for you blog and I'm really stoked on my Murph.

Eric Burns
Los Angeles

Turns out this board was custom shaped for Terry Rogers, reporter and writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune. He used to write outdoors and surfing columns for our local rag.

Coronado Cruisin

Feeling the love in Coronado! Thanks for the props Joe.

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my DM noserider. Like I told you when I cold called you earlier this year, I've surfed Takayama, Rusty, Hobie and Dewey Webber boards but no one seems to get it just right. It's always what they think I should be riding.

Probably because I'm such a kook, but I just wanted a nice longboard that was nose friendly yet could be steered from the tail in tough spots where speed is the deed. You actually listened when I talked about what works and what doesn't work for me.

You came through like a champ. I love my board! And that custom cutaway you made me works like a charm.

Deja Vu

JP doin his thing. This has been a pretty decent month here in SD.

Kine Tankah

Dennis came up with, and drew, this artwork many moons ago.  He then made it a special laminate that now adorns many boards. It's got that whole aloha-islands-vibe-thang going.
This is a 9'-6" Pounded PinTail -  181/2" x 23" x 141/2". #15,185!

Leona's New Log

Just in.  New 9'-2" Cal Classic with a Predator model tail. 
Board # 15,183. 181/2" x 22 1/4" x 15".  Really like the color and pin line.



Board # 15,179

Yes - that number is right. Fifteen thousand, one-hundred and seventy nine hand shaped boards. New 9'-6" Round-pin Noserider for Chris Henry. 18 1/4" x 22 3/4" x 14": 2 7/8" thick.

Candy Cane

9'- 4": Just in time for the Holiday season.........


New Board

Just got this 9'-0" RB-type squash in from Diamond Glassing yesterday and it was quickly picked up today by Adam from Santa Cruz.

To Protect and Surf

Ray contacted me while on leave from the war-zone in Afghanistan.. He's an incredible man who shall we say, has seen it all as a USN nurse. I hope that I'm not trespassing on any military secrets .. Not my intention! His plan was to order the new stick, go back over there, then return home in October briefly to see the family and surf. Thankfully we realized his dreams.

I need to emphasize that the boys at Diamond Glassing made us at Murphy look GREAT! Ray wanted an e-mail picture of his personalized artwork, but as time did not permit,that could not happen. Jeffrey Meyers blew our minds in the 11th hour. Take a peek for yourselves and I'm sure you'll agree we hit the mark.

Thanks Ray for the order and for the opportunity to serve one who has given so much to his country and the people of Afghanistan.

Oh yeah, the board measures 9'-3" by 22.75" by 2-7/8". dm

Lobster Lounge

October 23rd. Murphy Surfboards team rider J.P. Marengo in his backyard. J.P. has been riding our boards forever - and always scores the gems when it's working.

Below: Different wave. Same result. Slotted.

Special thanks to Joe Ewing for the shots. You can see his work on

Murphy Wood Go

Found this shot of a board that was made earlier this year. Wood tail block, wood D-fin and fat wood stringer. Like this photo a lot...... This board was a beauty in person.

Board For Sale

This 10'classic longboard is available. Perfect for cruising.
Used, but in very good condition.

Volan cloth, off-white tint, 10" glassed-in fin, Clark Foam. $575 obo. THIS BOARD HAS SOLD!!

Skip Frye and Dennis Murphy

That's over 80 years of surfboard shaping experience and expertise looking back at you. Two of the best longboard shapers left here in San Diego. Photo was taken recently at the UCSD Cancer Center Luau and Longboard Invitational held at Scripps.

Here's Dennis' contribution to the auction and raffle. Wide balsa and redwood stringer, wood tail block and beautiful glassed on skeg. It fetched a few $K and has made somebody very happy indeed.

Classic art that you can actually ride.


Pick your flavor.........................

Cal Noserider

This board just came through the studio last week.
9'-6" Cal Noserider - sweet summer fun.


The Ladies Love Murphy

Came across this image taken last weekend or so. It was the summer Stubby surf-thingy get together at Beacon's. While the surf was marginable - at best - they all seemed to have a good time. And low and behold, they posed with a Murphy longboard. Looks like fun in the sun.

Big Red

Wrigley's Big Red chewing gum is tasty - but this new 10'-2" Cal Classic Nose Rider, shaped for Aaron Foster, is sweeter than lemonade on a hot summer day. Watch out all you janitors at Cardiff Reef, there is a new sheriff in town. Big Red is back.........

Baja Baptism

Here's a shot of RJ Scott and his 9'6" Comp longboard. RJ is a San Diego local who took his Murphy down south for it's first session in Mexican waters. Looks like they both had a great time. Rumor has it that he is so stoked with this board, that he is already plotting for his next custom Murphy. Thanks for the props RJ.


Long time Murphy rider, and La Jolla reef aficionado, J.P. Marengo shown here doing his thing. We will probably see more shots of him when he gets that new custom board and the Souths
finally start hitting.
Watch out for his coffee...... it's dangerous.

Old Green Is Dead

but NEW Old Green is born. Here is a new custom board shaped for Coronado resident Joe Ditler.

9'-6" rounded pin
19.2" nose
3.5" thick
Double glass on deck
10.5" cutaway fin

It's clean, it's mean and it's green.

Glide: Don't Hide

Mitch's has loads of Dennis' boards in their Sol Beach store. Want to glide with the summer dribble instead of bog? Get one of these featured models and get your fair share. You deserve it man.

The Predator
9'-4" x 22.5" wide: 3.25" thick

California Noserider
10' x 23.5" wide: 3.3" thick
Volan and tail block


Bob Scott's New 9-'0"

Part of the fun of getting a new board is that initial wax up. 

Remember when you were a grom how excited you were to wax the board, and, how fast you were able to wax it and get in the water?

Nowadays, that initial wax job takes just a bit longer..............Is it because we are gettin older or because our boards are getting longer?! Maybe I should have got a 5'-10" fish?

After a few cups of coffee and a few liters of water, Bob, and the rest of us rejoiced.  Bob is shown here celebrating his conquest. Yes!!

Afterwards, una siesta was in order.  "Heck, its blown out anyway." Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Central California

We recently received a nice photo of Kirk Waddell from Morro Bay, California. He also sent us a quick story on his relationship with Murphy Surfboards. We look forward to more surfing photos and shots of his quiver.

I came in contact with Dennis Murphy about 10 years ago. My good friend Steve Hennigh owns Good Clean Fun surfshop in Cayucos. I got Dennis connected with Steve and it turned into a great relationship for all involved. I rarely paddle out without seeing someone else on a Murphy, usually one I brought up to boot! In those 10 or so years I've probably ordered 40 boards from Dennis. Right now I think I have 16 of his boards. You name it, I've got it. From just basic longboards to bonzerstyles to beautiful resin tint projects.

One Of My Favorite Boards - Murphy Breakers - Calvin "Stingray" Sullivan

Here is a shot of a Murphy shaped Breakers board (center) that Calvin "Stingray" Sullivan sent in with the story behind it.

In 2006 I went to Plumeria to see what kind of boards they had, and there was the very slighty used Murphy "Breakers" board, a 9'-0". I instantly had to have the board, but I did not have the money to buy it. I asked if they would let me pay them a little each payday and they agreed. A few hundred bucks each payday, and a month later I was the proud owner of a Dennis Murphy board. That store, Plumeria, went out of business shortly afterwards. I went to the Longboard Grotto in Encinitas and bought a red fin to go on it (also now out of business), then I took it to San Onofre to try it out for the first time. "The Murph" has been one of my favorite boards ever since. I especially like it on bigger days, since its a bit shorter and thinner than my big Brewer Noserider.

Murphy 9.0 in Fiji

Chris Miller has been spending some quality time in Fiji with his Murphy quiver. Here is a shot he emailed me just before he took off for his second two week stay. He got a camera 3 days before the end of his last trip so this time he has promised to shoot plenty and send us shots. See the Foster Surf Adventures Blog for photos of him surfing.

Chris Miller Enjoying his Murphy 9.0

Photo by David Gray
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